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Panda Express

We are proud to support and supply Panda Restaurants mission to continually deliver exceptional Asian dining experiences to people worldwide.

Billy To, Facility Manager


We always have been very pleased and satisfied with the professional and outstanding services rendered by your reputable organization in support of all of Panda’s equipment needs. Action Sales has done an excellent job supporting Panda for many years and we are grateful for your company’s high standard of service, professionalism, passion, patience and support throughout the years.Action Sales has played a key role in supporting hundreds of new store openings each year.  They also play a key role and contribute to every successful store in operation today.Although there could be many more commendations to be mentioned about Action Sales, our appreciation is also extended to your dedicated and dependable staff who support us with the commitment and follow-through.Thank you for being a valued business partner.  We appreciate everything you do. 

Action Sales has been committed to providing outstanding service and support to Panda Express Restaurants.

Our relationship with Panda Express has grown tremendously during our decades of working together.  We supply new and existing franchisees with high quality equipment supplies and support that helps them create their delicious menu items that service customers worldwide.

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